Party-Bike, Beer-Bike or Bar on the wheels!

This is the newiest, the funniest and the most popular our service!
Cycling bicycle pedals you enjoy time by drinking cold drinks.
At the sound of cheerful music rhythms you will be serviced by charming waitress.
Great mood and attention of surrounding for you are guaranteed.

With this bike – bar in the same time can ride 15-16 persons,
but cycle only 10 of all group.
On this bike can cycle men and women.
This bar on wheels has a roof, for this reason it is suitable to be used in the rain.
We reccommend to rent this bike not less than 7-8 persons group because
it will be too dificult to cycle.


Price of this offer only from 15 eur/person!

We must warn you that according to the laws of alcoholic beverages you can‘t drink alcoholic drinks in public places and if you rent this party bike tenant takes responsibility to yourself for violation for these rules.


  • By a mobile phone: +370 699 78811 (mobile phone)
  • Or fill online form: